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International Conference On Materials Science & Innovations

About Conference

Gavin Conferences invites participants from all over the world to attend “International Conference on Materials Science and Innovations”2017 is a three day conference going to be held at Dubai, UAE from June12  to June 14, 2017 and is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences.

The three day conference is designed to bring researchers, scientists, academicians, doctorates, professors, lecturers, scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss research and share ideas regarding career interests to make event experience even better. During the event, participants can build networks and share information and ideas with one another to make them integrated in the development of the material scienceand innovations not only as topic related to science but also as a tool in building make in a simple gadget world.

Materials science and technology may be seen as an opaque area to many outsiders but global research need not be seen in competitive terms, but it can be useful to view national performance comparatively. This is the context for the observations above. However, materials research in particular is closely tied to economic growth in research fronts including chemistry, physics, engineering, and biological sciences.

Our aim is to explore the research and ideas among eminent dignitaries for a better scope in the field of material science and innovations  how to inculcate things from structural ones to functional ones and make lives easier , simpler and better.

Market analysis

The market potential for structural tissue engineering is $90–100 billion, and for the biomaterials industry R&D growth spending is about 24% a year. Research fields to be prioritized regarding the application of nanotechnology to materials that is expected to extend the frontiers of basic science and in the research on environmental and energy materials and material reliability, the social demands for which are expected to continue expanding till 2020.

Exhibiting  at Material Sciences and Innovations 2017 introduces a new trend and is a perfect platform to meet the key person related to material science and innovations  , which gives you an opportunity to takeover challenges and concerns subjects face to face and to talk with eminent professionals to get solutions for incorporating organic materials and biotechnology as well as metals and ceramics in the creation of new materials, in attempting to create boundary regions and interdisciplinary regions involving these various fields.

Conference Highlights

Atomic structure
Macro structure
Synthesis and processing
Microfabrication research
Advances in materials metrology
Nano materials like fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanocrystals
Natural and Synthesized
Biomaterial used in polymers, ceramics or composite materials
Application in Tissue engineering and medical sciences
Materials science and solid-state physics or condensed matter physics
Density functional theory
Molecular dynamics
Processing techniques
Analytical techniques
Gorilla Glass
Silicon carbide
Tungsten carbide
Reinforced Carbon-Carbon
Plastic casings
Alloys of iron
Copper alloy
Other Metal alloys

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